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It's nice to create an innovative & unique product, but then you'll face a few problems:

- you don't know if people want it

- if they do, will they pay for it?

It's much safer and easier to recreate and improve an existing product, because then you'll know that the demand is there and you can even copy and research the competition.

That's where Inspiration Database comes in, which is a product database full of existing products (more than 147k products containing: Shopify & Wordpress plugins, Android apps & Chrome extensions).

We aim to help you find an existing product which you can improve and create competition, or just get inspiration and knowledge of the current market.

There are 8 (actually 10) databases:

- Low rated but popular Chrome extensions

- Low rated Shopify apps

- Low rated Wordpress plugins

- Low rated Android apps

- "Neglected" Chrome extensions (e.g haven't been updated in a year)

- Most of the existing Shopify apps (~4.7k)

- Wordpress plugins raw database (~53k) [this is separated into 2 tables because of its size]

- Chrome extensions raw database (~94k) [this is separated into 2 tables because of its size]

All of the databases are filterable & sortable so you can easily find your next project or just see how the market looks like.

If you have any problems or want a refund, please reach out at "at" gmail "dot" com.

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Access to 10 databases (from the Shopify, Extensions, Wordpress & Android platforms)

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Inspiration Database

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